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Garage Door Maintenance

Our company is here for you to provide help in finding the best service in garage repair, maintenance and replacement.

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Garage Door Service

The process of garage door repair must follow specific steps for its proper Garage Door Service completion.

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Garage Door Openers

From innovation to efficiency, Genie garage door openers continue to prove why they are the best in the business.

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Garage Door Repair Kennedale

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Sudden garage door problems are eliminated with good garage door repair services. Our company is proudly offering to all its clients in Texas the best maintenance services, 24 hour emergency repairs and installations with consistency, professionalism and respect to their needs.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
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Residential Overhead Garage Door Panel Repair & Replacement

A flawlessly operating door system is not a dream but reality, with the services of our professional company "Garage Door Repair Kennedale". We are proud of the fact that our service range is all-encompassing. We cover doors, openers and accessories of all designs, makes, ages and brands. Our core specialty area is problem resolution. We are available to provide urgent repairs via our emergency service. In addition to fixing systems on urgent and non-urgent basis, we provide scheduled replacement and maintenance. We give you a perfectly functioning system which is safe secure and convenient to use as well.

We provide commercial and residential garage door services of top quality. This is because we have all of the right ingredients for holding a leadership position in Texas. Our expertise is comprehensive and grows constantly. We keep up to date with all of the latest technologies introduced in the market. This enables us to provide the best repair to the most sophisticated custom-made Martin door and to the most advanced Genie garage door opener.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and dexterous. Our teams use a specific procedure to provide the most effective solution to a particular issue straight away. When we have to fix a problem, we always begin with identifying its cause and with evaluating the extent of the damage caused. This enables us to produce the most effective, efficient and dependable solution. We have everything necessary to implement this solution without delay. We have the required tools and spare parts at hand. Even if we have to replace the most specific Clopay torsion spring, we will produce the required replacement part without delay.

Save money on garage repair

We always place the needs of the customer first. We know that people contact us when they are frustrated with the system operation or when there is a serious threat to their safety. That is why we provide full professional assistance right from the start. Our customer support specialists work extremely swiftly to pass the required information to the technicians who will come fully equipped to resolve the problem at hand. When the issue with the rollup or overhead door is not urgent, we provide full information and expert consultation to the client. This is essential for making the right decision.

In our practice, we have discovered that most people know their systems very well and can spot signs of trouble almost immediately. However, they tend to ignore them unless the door is seriously malfunctioning. We have always stressed on the importance of seeking Garage Door Repair in Kennedale as soon as you notice even the slightest change in the operation of the system. Once you tell us what is wrong, we will move in and resolve the problem straight away. We just need a small piece of information from you. You can readily describe the problem in your own words and ask us questions.

* Is the loud bang which came from the direction of the door serious? Yes, this is indication of a serious problem - broken garage door spring. In this case, you have to ensure that everyone on the property stays away from the door. You must not attempt to open it manually or with the use of the remote control. We will come with a matching replacement spring and install it safely.

* What causes the door to keep reversing while closing? This could be due to misaligned or damaged safety sensors. Another reason for this issue is small spring tension. There could be obstructions in the tracks. It is also possible for the opener's travel limits to have been set improperly. We will provide full inspection and fix the issue on the spot.

* Why is the bottom of the door uneven? This typically happens when one of the cables connecting the torsion or extension spring to the bottom section has got seriously frayed. In such cases, we provide immediate replacement with a matching part. This is crucial because if the cable snaps completely, this may lead to a serious accident.

 There are various other types of issues which may occur. You have to know that most problems come up simply because the system is subject to natural wear and tear all the time. We provide complete fix to each and every hardware component. We provide complete garage door panel repair as well. We deal with accidentally damaged components such as broken glass panels and windows. We are fully equipped to deal with decaying wood and rusty sheet metal panels. We provide a comprehensive solution which includes the adoption of a set of protective measures.

We keep up to date with the latest trends in openers. That is why we are able to provide the best Craftsman, Chamberlain, Genie and LiftMaster service. We deal effectively with all issues from loud chain drive and broken moving gear to damaged circuit board and motor. Our service covers all opener accessories from the clicker to the wireless keypad. 

In some cases, the best solution involves replacement of one or more components of the door system. We are experts in carrying out such projects. Our Garage Door Repair Company in Kennedale is a preferred contractor because of our vast knowledge, dexterity and swift operation. We have a perfect system for hardware replacement as well as for panel and opener replacement. It works exceptionally well.

* Reason for the replacement - Extensive wear and tear are the most common reasons for replacing garage door parts. Breakage follows close behind. In some cases, it makes sense to upgrade to better-performing and more durable parts. This can be a cost-efficient option in addition to providing for higher safety.

* Part selection - The replacement parts have to match the specifications of the original ones. This is particularly important when it comes to size and attachment sections. However, if you want to upgrade, you can consider slightly different components. You can opt for thicker tracks which will be at lower risk of bending. Nylon garage door rollers provide for quieter operation. They come in the same size as their metal counterparts and can match virtually any door.

* Component installation - The old parts are removed and the new ones are installed in line with the requirements of the manufacturer. Our technicians take all required safety measures and strive to take up a small working area and to keep quiet. We want to make our clients feel completely at ease.

* Preparation for use - The application of a small amount of lubricant to the newly installed moving metal parts is essential for their safe and effective operation. This reduces the friction between two or more metal surfaces during movement. Keep in mind that lubricant must never be applied to nylon rollers as it can cause a great deal of damage.

* Full checkup - The system must be tested for proper functioning and inspected closely after part replacement. The door should operate smoothly, quietly and at the appropriate speed. We always ensure that everything is fine before we leave the house or commercial building.

Hardware replacement can bring a new life to an existing system, but this is not always the best solution. Sometimes, the entire door has to be replaced. We are specialists in replacement projects of all levels of complexity. We provide fast, effective and reliable single and double garage door installation. We will start with providing advice on selecting the best model and finish with testing the system for optimal operation. You can count on us for opener replacement as well.

The best way for premature system replacement to be avoided is the provision of comprehensive and effective maintenance. This is what we can do for you. Our professional service includes everything from inspection and testing to cleaning and lubrication maintenance. We place particular importance on the adoption of protective measures for the entire system. One of the main services we offer is panel painting for wood and steel systems. 

* Choosing the product - We always follow the door manufacturer's recommendations strictly. We use only paint for outdoor use. In general, in harsh climatic conditions, waxing can provide better protection to sheet metal panels.

* Preparing the door - Thorough cleaning is essential before paint is applied. We remove absolutely every piece of dirt to ensure that the paint will cover the entire panel surface. This is crucial for providing effective weather sealing.

* Doing the painting job - We use a special painting process which guarantees complete coverage and perfect aesthetics. Our painting technique ensures that the layers are sufficiently thick and absolutely smooth.

Maintenance can prevent various types of issues resulting from wear and tear and environmental impacts. On the other hands, in cases of accidents such as collision with the door or break-in attempts, you can rely completely on our emergency service. We have a system for instance response and extremely short arrival times. We provide the right solutions on the spot.

You can rely completely on Garage Door Repair Kennedale for everything related to your door system. We are fully equipped experts with excellent skills and determination to help. You can count on us completely at all times.

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