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Get the facts right here. The FAQs for garage door repair which help you make better decisions.

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Glass Garage Door FAQS Kennedale - Click here to Download

Why should I trust big opener manufacturers?

It's not accidental that some garage door opener manufacturers have a great reputation. Their products are good and even if a product turns out to be defective, they will replace it. They give people options and produce new openers, remotes and accessories to match modern needs.

Should I choose a steel garage door?

Yes. The steel garage doors have the strength, security, energy efficiency, and affordable value than any other type of garage doors. They even cost less compared to others. Also, they have a wide range of designs for you to choose from. However, you need to know where to purchase a durable steel garage door. Professional Garage Door Repair Kennedale representatives advise taking your time in your selection.

What are the nylon rollers?

Nylon is a special material and perfect for garage door rollers since they help them move without making noise. If they also have ball bearings, they will even be quieter. Regular rollers are made of steel or galvanized steel and they make some noise even if they are new and lubricated. Nylon ones are perfect for quiet operation according to our professionals.

Is it possible to clean my pre-finished garage door?

Steel garage doors that are pre-finished can be cleaned quite easily. With the help of a diluted mild detergent solution, you can easily remove the chalk, mildew and dirt. Weather stripping on both sides needs to be cleaned as well. After which, you can rinse the residue away with clean water and let the unit dry naturally.  Apply finish coating as evenly as possible to achieve great output effects.

Why is my garage door opener making an unusual noise?

It depends on the type of opener you have. A screwdrive type may need lubrication and professional garage door repair technicians recommend that you make minor adjustments at your local area. In case of a chaindrive opener, it will be a good idea to check the gears inside and if they happen to look worn out, get them replaced as soon as possible.

What are the right procedures for garage door painting?

Use sand paper to remove old painting, but also know that the experts of our company in Kennedale recommend scrubbing it gently. You don't want to make the surface very smooth because the varnish won't adhere properly. Clean off residues with water and start by using a primer and then finish coats suitable for the material.

Why should I choose glass garage door?

Glass garage doors are modern type of doors. You should not be afraid to use one because it could be the perfect match for your contemporary home. In terms of durability, advanced technology makes it thicker, stronger, and recommended for use as a garage door.

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