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This page is filled with the latest garage door repair tips. Information that makes a difference.

Check-up should be done after accidental contact

Certain unexpected situations happen when someone accidentally backed on or hit the garage door. As a safety precautionary measure, it should be checked or inspected right away to see whether the whole garage door system is properly functioning and that the parts are not misaligned to avoid malfunctions and further damages in the future.

Inspect the pulleys on garage doors

The pulleys on garage doors with springs should be inspected at least once a month. We highly recommends that users must open the door fully and check how much play the pulley has on the front track. If it looks excessive, both pulleys should be replaced. The pulleys connected to the springs should also be inspected.

Search the door as you clean it

When you clean the garage door, search the surface for possible damages that are not seen clearly from a distance. Our company insists that it's best to take care of rust when you detect the first signs. Check wood doors for warped parts.

Beating garage door prices

It's always advisable to compare between different brands of doors, reading about the features. Consider the price of each material and see if it will fit your budget. You may also consider buying pre-owned doors that are still in good condition.

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