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Most Popular Garage Door Styles

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A beautiful and high quality garage door certainly adds value to a home. Garage doors vary in style. They do not just differ in materials; they are also designed to suit the look of a property. Residential doors can be found in a variety of style, unlike commercial doors that are typically just steel doors. Here are the most popular styles for homes:Most Popular Garage Door Styles

Traditional Door Styles

Traditional styles are designed to suit most homes. These include American, Victorian, Cape, European, Spanish and Mediterranean styles. This style is typically simple. Carriage doors are a traditional style that resembles carriage houses. It is a popular choice that swings open, but you can find them in styles that fold open as well. Homeowners with smaller homes choose carriage doors to make the property look more special.

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Today’s garages make use of raised panel doors. They are very common and are considered standard. This means you can find this type of door in different materials. It comes in a durable plastic and wood that may have several panels. They can be easily styled to create a custom look. The panels give it dimension and can be trimmed and painted with accent colors to match the look of the property. Raised panels style of door can also suit most home styles. Modern homes have contemporary garage doors that feature high-grade materials and clean lines. They can be made of glass panels with aluminum frames, as well as frosted or tinted glass. They are edgy and are very suitable for modern homes.

Industry experts believe that a high-quality door is a good investment. The highly important works such as installation, maintenance and garage door repair are rendered by professionals, so homeowners need not think about anything else but the most stylish door for their home.

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